Consortra has the capacity and know-how to handle big multilingual projects with complex moving parts. Such cases often mean thousands of documents, in multiple languages, with non-negotiable deadlines requiring translation for months on end. We understand how to manage these unwieldy cases, with their staggering lists of daily deliverables to lawyers in offices worldwide. Our expert teams of translators and project managers are specially trained for large projects – trained to coordinate their every last detail — and we’ve constructed our production platforms and workflow processes accordingly.

Add our 24/7 service desk and other multilingual service options, and you’ve got the legal industry’s most powerful multilingual resource for even the largest case.

Consortra regularly manages some of the world’s biggest and highest-profile multilingual matters, including large multilingual Antitrust and FCPA cases, as well as complex Intellectual Property litigations. Time after time, we’ve been successful saving clients both time and money using our propriety organizational controls and identifying workflow efficiencies; on certain cases, our clients’ savings has approached or exceeded one million dollars.

Beginning with a consultative pre-project analysis, Consortra assesses a large-scale multilingual project’s requirements and recommends only those language services most appropriate for the case. In many instances, translation itself becomes a minimized requirement because we’ve recommended and provided ancillary language services, such as multilingual document review staffing or multilingual document summarization and indexing. Oftentimes, after applying further customized document-filtering applications, whatever translation is required is limited to only the most relevant documents.

On multilingual litigations, we understand discovery timelines and have worked closely with a variety of discovery vendors and platforms. That means whatever language service we ultimately recommend – from varying levels of translation, to interpreting to multilingual staffing — seamlessly integrates with our clients’ overall big-project discovery strategy.

Whenever full translation is required on such cases, clients can then rely on the speed, accuracy and world-class service that has made Consortra an industry leader.

Consortra assigns every translator, editor and proofreader case-by-case depending on his or her specific subject-matter expertise. That means cases involving esoteric terminology – involving, for example, automotive parts, electronics, and chemical or pharmaceutical patents — will be translated, edited and reviewed by the most appropriate language professionals. All our linguists, in turn, work hand-in-hand with our project managers and within the framework of our proprietary project-management systems and processes that have been expressly constructed to meet the needs of the legal industry. As part of these processes, all the extras to help drive efficiencies and cost savings – such as glossary building and duplicate document identification – come standard at no-extra charge.