Consorta FYI

Machine-Translation Option

Consortra offers a machine-translation option for select documentation on large-scale litigation projects.

collabAlthough machine translation is highly inaccurate and oftentimes incomprehensible, it may be an appropriate choice for certain stages of large-scale litigations (such as during the discovery stage) where only a cursory “gist” of meaning is necessary. It may also be more effective for some Western languages, rather than for Asian languages.

Consortra’s machine-translation option is powered by various commercially available software and our own customizations. Closely coordinated by our project management team, it is integrated into our airtight production workflow.

Our lowest-tier translation option, machine translation is a world removed from the superior quality of Consortra’s summary, informational and certified-level translations. While we recommended it sparingly — only for certain projects after close client consultation – this option is an ideal way to pare document volume and minimize translation costs.