Consorta FYI

Multilingual Workflow Security

With confidentiality and cybersecurity a heightened concern for law firms and corporate legal departments worldwide, Consortra Translations brings a level of security to its projects rarely seen in the translation business.


Consortra’s Language Lock™ multilingual workflow platform is a customized translation workspace built on a FIPS 140 compliant secure environment as a vertical production solution. With hardened security utilizing the latest encryption technologies, our platform requires VPN entry of all users and keeps documents in ultimate lockdown, preventing printing or downloading without permission. All multilingual workflow is 100% contained – with documents segregated to international data vaults which keep information within a certain jurisdiction.

Now, documents that must remain within international borders can be translated and project managed securely and efficiently, with maximum scalability. Consortra Language Lock™ is the ultimate secure multilingual workflow solution to give our legal clients ultimate peace of mind.