Consortra handles rush projects other translation companies simply won’t touch, and consistently does so with precision for the world’s largest law firms and legal departments. Our workflow processes are specifically geared to get the job done, whether you need thousands of words translated overnight or a million words in one week. Even on little to no notice, we can mobilize our world-class translators and project managers to meet the most stringent deadlines.

All Consortra’s rush projects undergo the same unparalleled quality controls as our standard-turnaround jobs, so even on the tightest rush assignments our translations’ quality is never compromised. Additionally, our 24/7 availability and extraordinary commitment to service give clients the reassurance they need right through every rush-project delivery, helping to alleviate – according to our clients — much of their stress associated with rush work.

Because we understand the urgent nature of legal professionals’ work, speed comes standard at Consortra. That’s why our standard turnaround service is typically as fast as – or faster than — other companies’ rush service.

It’s no wonder we’re the legal industry’s premier rush-project translator.

And it’s no coincidence we’re the go-to translation company for rush legal translation projects – including same-day, weekend and holiday projects – nearly one thousand times each year.