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I do not know how to sufficiently express how incredible Consortra has been throughout this whole process, from start until now. I know I will recommend Consortra to anyone who needs a translation service in the future.


Paul Weiss LLP

Consortra Translations leads the legal translation industry in keeping translated data confidential and secure.

Used each day by the world’s top law firm and companies, our Language Lock® translation workflow platform is customizable to any case size, language or geographical data requirement. See how Language Lock® can protect your multilingual workflow today.

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Litigation and Investigations Translation Experts

Almost all the AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle firms trust Consortra with their foreign-language litigation and investigations translation projects. And over the last several years, Consortra has been the lead translation provider on some of the largest and most newsworthy multilingual litigations and investigations in the world.

With thousands of documents in multiple languages, text amendments and constantly shifting deadlines, litigation and investigations translation can be overwhelming and complicated. But Consortra’s proprietary production systems and processes are time-tested and specifically built for this onerous work. We help our legal and corporate clients win cases – and save money – time and again.

Consortra has the experience and infrastructure to handle even the most intricate foreign-language antitrust work. It’s why we’re one of the most active translation firms in the field. And with governments around the world cracking down on antitrust violators like never before, you can’t afford to turn to someone who’s not both trusted and prepared.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your Antitrust translation needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).

Global FCPA cases are uncomfortable and unwieldy. Consortra makes their multilingual components much more manageable. From translating foreign-language documents and compliance materials to providing global interpreting support, Consortra has the experience and expertise to empower your FCPA case’s multilingual document management.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your Government Investigations / FCPA translation needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).

Consortra provides vital support translating foreign-language documents for your International Arbitration case management strategy.  

Our proven workflow processes make this possible, with our seasoned project managers and linguists able to turn on a dime to support numerous real-time document drafts in all major languages.  We offer a tailored and flexible approach founded on an understanding of these important case complexities, making us the most trusted brand in legal translation in the International Arbitration space.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your International Arbitration translation needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).


Consortra is an expert in handling the technical translation demands of the most complex intellectual property (IP) litigation projects. 

With production teams based around Silicon Valley, Texas, all East Coast technology hubs and the U.K., our work covers the full range of disputes surrounding products, technology, and brands.  Whether ITC, PTAB or similar high-stakes matters, Consortra has supported lawyers in every type of IP case.

Our translators and editors are evaluated and tested according to our ISO 9001:2015-certified vetting process for specialized industry experience – so no matter the technical subject, we can match expert linguists who bring essential subject-matter knowledge to your work.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your Intellectual Property translation needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).

Whether you find yourself in a U.S. court with thousands of files in a foreign language, in an overseas jurisdiction dealing with hundreds of foreign-language filings, or involved in the depositions and discovery phases of a large cross-border dispute, lawyers know that they will need responsive, accurate and flexible translation support to be successful.

Consortra’s production processes are designed around the needs of litigation and disputes – we can handle short deadlines, changing work parameters and large volumes easily and without interrupting your internal work flow. We understand the importance of meeting schedules, accurate communication and off-hour support. We are a 24/7/365 solution to your business dispute foreign-language translation needs.  Which is why we continue to support most of the AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms as we have since our inception.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your Complex Business Disputes translation needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).


Our teams have assisted lawyers and their clients at every stage of their complex, cross-border transactions. From initial due diligence and intensive second requests when required, through to the translation of the final merger agreements and related contracts. Additionally, our experience in working on translation related to regulatory matters ensure we have teams that know how to make sure any required filings are translated accurately and formatted appropriately for whatever situation you may encounter.

Consortra’s ISO 9001:2015-certified translation process ensure that we have a vetted team of expert linguists who not only understand the languages involved, but understand the specific technical, industrial or other specialized terminology that is required to get these transactional projects completed effectively. Our deep experience with this work also means we understand its unpredictable and oftentimes onerous demands – 24/7 service, numerous author’s amendments and pressing deadlines – and we are specifically built to tackle these challenges.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your Mergers & Acquisitions translation needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).


No One is Better at Handling Foreign-Language Legal Translations
for Your Most Onerous Multilingual Case Matters

Patent Translation & Foreign-Filing Experts

Consortra’s dedicated IP group is built for managing patent translations and international patent filings. With complete support for all key international patent projects, our streamlined translation solutions and full-service filing management system help ease the burden on your foreign-filing departments.

Supported by our secure, global technology platform, Consortra IP is a one-stop shop for all your intellectual property initiatives and global casework.

Contact us today and see how we can:

  • Deliver Quality Translations
  • Save Time and Eliminate Hassle
  • Significantly Reduce Costs
  • Streamline Your Foreign-Filing Process

Consortra IP takes the stress out of PCT National Phase Entry / National Phase Filings. We provide a simple, dependable, accurate and transparent process. Starting with a simple email order from you, we kick off a global proprietary patent workflow that addresses every aspect of your work.

From ordering letters to foreign associates based on subject-matter / jurisdiction, to bundling all necessary formal documents, to completing and formatting all requisite translations to sending confirmation upon each filing’s completion – Consortra IP has you covered.

We’ll also put you into direct contact with our foreign associates to ensure seamless communications throughout the remainder of the process and then present you with only one invoice, capturing all filings within a patent family, further streamlining the process.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your PCT National Phase Entry needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).

Consortra IP significantly slashes your European Validation costs – period.

On European Validations, European law firms charge billable hours and extra fees on each Validation – on top of the hours and fees their associates charge per jurisdiction. Consortra IP eliminates this cost. We complete Validation in all 38 member-states, cutting standard fees in half while passing along significant savings on all translation requirements.

It only takes one email to Consortra IP, and your Validation will be completed cost-effectively by reliable foreign agents, top-tier linguists, and a dedicated team in the United States.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your European Validation needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).

Consortra’s deepest resources are for the filings that tend to sneak up on clients. Decisions to file Paris Convention applications often come down to the very last minute and Consortra is there to ensure you hit your filing date, regardless of language requirement or jurisdiction. We routinely translate into all major languages, including for the tightest Latin American Spanish and Arabic deadlines – and can even provide same-day translations for Sunday filings in the Middle East.

Our team of expert linguists and patent professionals are here to ensure your deadlines are met – no matter how impossible the turnaround might seem.

To learn how Consortra can assist with your Direct National Filing needs, email or call us at 877-GO-CONSORTRA (877-462-6678).

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I couldn’t have been more satisfied with working with your team. Thank you again for being by far the best translation company I have worked with.


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