100% Legal Focused

Among the fastest-growing legal translation companies worldwide, Consortra Translations provides customized language-service solutions exclusively to the legal industry. Day in and day out, we work specifically with law firms and corporate legal departments — and currently count over 400 of them worldwide as clients.

Since our inception nearly two decades ago, we’ve successfully managed some of the largest, most demanding and complex translation projects in the world, for some of the world’s biggest companies.

If your multilingual project is of a large-volume or rush nature, Consortra can help — whether by providing translation, interpreting, document review or simply basic consulting services to see your way forward.

Because we work exclusively with legal professionals, we understand confidentiality and conflict of interest — and take them very seriously. We require all our vendors to sign strict confidentiality agreements, and we willingly sign those of our clients.

With cybersecurity a major concern for law firms and corporate legal departments worldwide, we take multilingual workflow security to a new level, providing – with Consortra Language Lock® — the most secure translation workflow platform in the industry. With encrypted tunnel entry required of all users, foreign-language documents are kept vaulted in total lockdown and segregated within international borders while being translated securely and efficiently, with maximum scalability.