Litigation and Investigations Translations

At Consortra, we’ve built a production platform to meet the most onerous and complex requirements imaginable for multinational litigation and investigations translation projects. We understand the demands of this workflow through years of experience and our ability to successfully execute these projects is unmatched in the industry.

Whether it involves high-volume rush translations with impossible deadlines, documents for filings with ongoing authors’ amendments, specific formatting or geographical certification requirements, Consortra has you covered — around the clock and around the globe.

It’s why legal and corporate clients continue to turn to us for their most demanding translation needs – and why we’ve managed some of the largest and highest-profile cases ever in the legal translation space.


Consortra has the experience and infrastructure to handle even the most intricate foreign-language antitrust work. It’s why we’re one of the most active translation firms in the field. And with governments around the world cracking down on antitrust violators like never before, you can’t afford to turn to someone who’s not both trusted and prepared.

Government Investigations / FCPA Group

Global FCPA cases are uncomfortable and unwieldy. Consortra makes their multilingual components much more manageable. From translating foreign-language documents and compliance materials to providing global interpreting support, Consortra has the experience and expertise to empower your FCPA case’s multilingual document management.

International Arbitration

Consortra provides vital support translating foreign-language documents for your International Arbitration case management strategy.

Our proven workflow processes make this possible, with our seasoned project managers and linguists able to turn on a dime to support numerous real-time document drafts in all major languages. We offer a tailored and flexible approach founded on an understanding of these important case complexities, making us the most trusted brand in legal translation in the International Arbitration space.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Consortra is an expert in handling the technical translation demands of the most complex intellectual property (IP) litigation projects.

With production teams based around Silicon Valley, Texas, all East Coast technology hubs and the U.K., our work covers the full range of disputes surrounding products, technology, and brands. Whether ITC, PTAB or similar high-stakes matters, Consortra has supported lawyers in every type of IP case.

Our translators and editors are evaluated and tested according to our ISO 9001:2015-certified vetting process for specialized industry experience – so no matter the technical subject, we can match expert linguists who bring essential subject-matter knowledge to your work.

Complex Business Disputes

Whether you find yourself in a U.S. court with thousands of files in a foreign language, in an overseas jurisdiction dealing with hundreds of foreign-language filings, or involved in the depositions and discovery phases of a large cross-border dispute, Consortra can help. We consistently give our legal clients the responsive, accurate and flexible foreign-language support they need to be successful.

Our business is specifically designed around the needs of litigation and disputes – we can handle short deadlines, changing work parameters and large volumes easily and without interrupting your internal workflow. Supporting most of the AmLaw 100 and Magic Circle law firms, we’re a 24/7/365 solution to your business dispute foreign-language translation needs

Mergers & Acquisitions

Consortra has assisted lawyers and their clients at every stage of their complex, cross-border transactions. From initial due diligence and intensive second requests when required, through to the translation of the final merger agreements and related contracts. Additionally, our experience in working on translation related to regulatory matters ensures we have teams that know how to make sure any required filings are translated accurately and formatted appropriately for whatever situation you may encounter.

Our vetted team of expert linguists not only understand the languages involved, but understand the specific technical, industrial or other specialized terminology that is required to get these transactional projects completed effectively. Consortra’s deep experience with this work also means we understand its unpredictable and oftentimes onerous demands – 24/7 service, numerous author’s amendments and pressing deadlines – and we are specifically built to tackle these challenges.